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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

Weddings have many moving parts and variables, but if there is one thing you don’t want

to settle for, it's your venue. There are so many different locations, styles and services provided by venues, so it’s vital you have an idea of what direction you want to go in for your wedding. It’s all up to you! The main tips we can provide are: work with a wedding planner, know your budget, know your guest count and know what services you want from the venue.

Utilize a Wedding Planner

Surprise surprise, talk to a planner! Planners have the knowledge and experience to

know what spaces are going to cater to your wants and needs. We are here for you, let us guide you in the right direction. Planners also have connections within the industry, allowing them to give you and your spouse access to resources that would otherwise not be available.


Perhaps one of the biggest stressors and obstacles when planning a wedding is the

budget, make sure you are aware of your circumstances and respect the budget in place. Break down your overall budget and prioritize the categories that are most important to you. Venues vary in the services they provide and how they charge you (another important reason to have a planner), as well as what type of décor you want for the space, so research and ask questions before making any decisions.

Guest Count

Knowing your guest count before venue hunting is critical, you don’t want to fall in love

with a venue and then find out they can’t accommodate the amount of people you want to invite. Have an accurate, general number of people you plan on inviting and go from there, if you don’t come prepared with that information you’re going to have some tough conversations down the road.

Wants for the Space and Services

As stated earlier, different venues offer different services. Depending on your budget and

wants for the wedding, in combination with what the venue can offer you, will determine if it is a good fit or not. Whether you’re considering a full-service venue or one where you outsource your own vendors, make sure to get a summary and list of the costs to really determine what is a better fit for your wants and budget.

Weddings are simultaneously overwhelming and fun. Go into planning with an idea of what you want and stay true to yourself as an individual and a partner, pick a space that speaks to you as a couple and truly represents you.

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