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"I Do" to a First Look?

Updated: Jul 7

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First looks are marking their spot in the world of weddings! Times are constantly changing and trends are coming and going, but it is safe to say that first looks are sticking around! But how do you know whether a first look is right for you and your partner? We’ve listed some pros and cons below to help you decide for yourself!

What Is a First Look?

The first look is when a couple sees each other for the first time, before the ceremony, on

their wedding day. It is typically an intimate moment only between you and your partner, and is captured by your photographer.

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You get a moment alone with your partner. Designating time on the day-of for a first look with your spouse-to-be allows you both to shake off some of the nerves before you make your way down the aisle. With so much going on and all the moving parts on a wedding day, a first look allows you to get a few minutes alone with your partner and have something that truly belongs to just the two of you. You won’t have many moments alone until you send off.

You can get most of your photos taken before the ceremony. Doing a first look allows you to take your photos ahead of time, leaving more room to enjoy cocktail hour or a private meal with your new spouse.

You capture an important moment on camera. There are so many emotions and so much happening on a wedding day that it could almost seem like a blur! Having photos of a first look helps you remember, and cherish, that specific moment and time with your sweetie.

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No one is really watching you. If you are like me, you hate having intimate moments in front of friends and family! A first look removes the pressure of an officiant, family, friends and guests staring at you. You aren’t sharing it with anyone except your partner (and well, your photographer)!


Breaking tradition. Many believe that it is bad luck to see your partner before the ceremony on your wedding day. Doing a first look goes against some well-known wedding superstitions like this one.

It can add pressure. To some, doing a first look could add additional pressure to make one feel like they have to react a certain way for the camera.

You aren’t completely alone. Although a first look is an intimate moment for you and your

partner, you aren’t actually alone. Your photographer and their team will be present in the

moment to make sure it is captured, perhaps even your wedding planner helping fluff your gown so it is picture-perfect. This could sometimes cause a distraction and throw you two off.

You won’t actually be married in your photos. The big one. Because you will take the majority of your portraits, if not all, before the ceremony, you won’t actually be married in your photos. This can bother some couples and steer them away from choosing to do a first look.

First looks are becoming extremely popular in the wedding world if they haven’t completely changed the dynamic of a wedding already. However, weddings are all about what you and your partner want! Take these pros and cons, and decide for yourselves if a first look is right for you and your wedding! Regardless of what you choose to do, the first time you see your partner on your wedding day will be special and a moment you will never forget!

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