• Lily Green

Want to Know the Truth?

There are 2 things every bride has in common:

  1. 1) They think they have their wedding day under control.

  2. They don't know what they don't know

Want to know the truth?

Brides don't PLAN their weddings, they DESIGN them.

The difference is this: Designing is WHAT you want to happen. Planning is HOW your design will ACTUALLY be executed.

SO, what does your perfectly executed wedding look like?

What is it worth for you to have that happen?

Let me ask you this ...

Are you prepared for the 250 transitions the average wedding has?

For example, how your mom's vintage wedding photo of your grandparents is ACTUALLY going to make it from her living room piano, to your reception, and back to the piano without a scratch?

Or, how the ice for your reception is going to physically be transported from pick-up to drop off? (The average wedding needs 35-50 20lb bags!)

You have the opportunity, right now, to ensure that your wedding goes exactly as you're picturing it in your head.

And I'm not talking about designating that friend who just got married as your wedding planner.

I'm talking about getting the perfectly executed wedding day you pictured without all the stress. You can do this by meeting with a professional and experienced wedding planner.

You're going to give me your wedding ideas ...

I'm going to give you the wedding day plan, the tools and the tips to execute it.

Contact us to schedule your Wedding Planning 101 consultation today and comment what is stressing you out at this moment (besides having to plan a wedding!).

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